Monday, August 30, 2010

UC Davis Study 1st Day

Last Friday I started my 3.5 week life as a guinea pig for the UC Davis Raisin Study. The first day was not too bad a lot of paperwork and medical tests. This was followed by a max heart rate treadmill test. For the EKG I needed a little “Manscaping”: 

Superman had an "S", I have a "P".

My 7yr old daughter later gave me the "I told you to shave it" talk about my chest carpet.

I am quickly finding that a hard part of the study will be tracking what I eat. The hard part is not looking up what I eat and writing down the calories, etc.  It’s more the grim reality that I could still improve this area of my life a lot.  Since Friday I've been writing it all down.  If I don't lose weight doing this I'll be amazed.

Another part of the study that will be difficult will be the night and mornings before the tests. They want me to eat a Clif Bar at 10pm the night before.  I then can’t eat anything else unless it’s part of the protocol during the run test.  I was told the day that it’s a water only protocol the run is very tough.  Everything else checked out and it was time to get on the treadmill. Here is what the training room looked like:

I was unable to get to my previous max HR of 198 bpm (2009). I made 200 bpm in 2006, but its hell to get old.  The test showed a VO2 of 54.3, nice! That better than the past few years, (VO2 50). The printer wouldn’t work so I’ll get a printout of my training zones, and paces later.

Next up on Thursday:  An 80 minute run at 75% VO2 followed by a 5K as fast as possible with either water, gel, or raisins for fuel.


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  1. Dang, 80 minutes . . . ouch. This is so interesting! I wish I could have done it but I would not be able to eat half the foods they tell you to eat.