Monday, January 26, 2009


Ok, so I started my 2009 WS100 training on December 22nd. I’ve put together a personal training program based on 1.) What I know works for me and what I can fit into my life, 2.) What will improve my fitness, and 3.) What will hopefully make me a better runner. I also took some outline ideas from:
I took a long lay off after my DISASTER at Rio Del Lago 100, (long story, suffice to say I DNF’D). During that time my #1 goal to determine what the cause was of my long time battle with left leg IT band pain, and rest before the coming year to be fresh.
During this off time I did a lot of cross training. I found my back (and body in general) is a lot more tight than I had thought. Since becoming more attentive to strength and stretching I’ve not had issue with my IT band. I have also re-discovered how much more fun it is to run without pain or the fear of something blowing out on me on a run.
So far my training has been pretty straight forward, run consistently, keep it mellow, and move up the mileage a little every week. Also, eat right (I‘m still a little overweight), and do my yoga/stretching/strength work.
So what’s to come in the next training cycle? Hill repeats, SWEET!!, the workout I really love to do. Hill repeats are just PAINFUL; there is no getting around it. I’ve had some great “runner’s highs” in training, but hill repeats let me peal back my soul sometimes and look inside. My favorite places to do hill repeats are: the Hazel Ave Bluff Overlook (multiple hills to choose from), Stagecoach Trail in Auburn, and of course the WS100 Canyons.
I also will be racing the first Total Body Fitness (TBF) six mile trail race of the year at Granite Bay, Folsom Lake. If this race is like the three I did last year, OUCH!, the opening mile is like running a 5K in High School, you always got out too fast.

Friday, January 23, 2009

First Post

Ok, so I don’t quite know how to start this Blog thing out.
I figure the best way to start would be to state what this Blog is about.. It’s a way for me to share my running exploits with others as I train for Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, my second running.

I do mostly trail/ultra running, since I started Ultras approximately 5 years ago I have found there is a LOT of different ways to train for what you want to do in Ultra’s. I thought I would add to the mix by posting what I do in training to maybe help others who have questions or who are looking to change something about their running. I also want to share some of my other passions like photography.