Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ok so last Saturday was the Western States 100 (Big Dance). As always this well put on race is the one to watch. This year’s epic saw the previous CR broken by the top two finishers. The master’s record was also broken. The hype leading up to the race and the race itself are something to behold for a sport that is considered fringe by most.

Here are some great links related to the race: WS100 interview roundup (Lots of pre/post race interviews)

Craig Thornley race report (A must read)

AJW race report (always good reading)

Recently I’ve been able to train regularly again. The backyard project, etc is done. Even with the heat I’ve really been enjoying my running, things have been clicking. Reading the pre-race hype online and watching the race itself has reborn my running and motivated me even more.

The stories about what occurred in the race, the DNF’s, the finishes; all the stories just motivate me to run. Like others have said, it’s about the journey, not the result.

Now more than ever I want another shot at the race. Here’s to hoping the Lottery gods shine on me in 2011. A year out and I’m already motivated to run.

Here's to reproducing this look in 2011


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Whats bugging me now??

Do you ever find that some things just bug you to no end? No matter how much you avoid commenting on it some things just get under your skin and you have to say something. Well I have a lot of things that bug me. I’m a pretty honest person so I need to vent from time to time. I haven’t vented since February. Some of the things that bug me are funny (to me) some are just annoying and rude. Some no one but me will understand. And some people will just flat out disagree with me and dislike me after reading it. Regardless here is my current list of things that bug me:

1. People in your workplace that talk to EVERYONE using speaker phone.

2. Disabled licenses plates on motorcycles. Wait your disabled, but you can hold up and balance a Harley Davidson. I’ve got ITBS can I get one too.

3. People who tell me when I retire I’ll have no knees left because I run too much. Yeah but I bet your Santa Claus belly kills you before I lose my knees.

4. Drunk people who tell you they can drive because they’re just “buzzed”.

5. People who look at me funny because I don’t have a Facebook page. I have this blog isn’t that self glorification enough?

6. The trail runner that looks like a cross between Scuba Steve and Inspector Gadget on the trail. You know the one, no matter the run the gaiters, back pack and compression socks go on.

7. Guys with 1990’s Pamela Anderson type arm band tattoos. Laser removal was made for you bro.

8. Runners who complain about not getting enough attention for their accomplishments. If you’re as awesome as you think you are people will know douche bag.

9. People who can’t laugh at themselves. This is me last week running Cal Street. I was going for that buck toothed hairy armpit crazy guy look that day. I had a good laugh out of this photo.

I only needed this to complete the look: Beards

10. Runners who belittle slower runners. You were there once and you might be there one day, be nice.

11. Smokers that throw cigarette butts out a car window. I thought this stopped years ago, but just the other day I saw it, GGGRRRRRRR.

12. The Vespa die hards that preach to you every run about it. If it works for you cool I’ve tried it, not convinced. I’ll save a bag full of green backs instead and just find time to run more and get the same results thanks.

13. People who text or fiddle with their cell phone as your talking to them RUDE!

14. Over use of the terms “blended family”, addictive personality”

15. People you complain they have no time to workout. Kill your TV, I guarantee you workout time the following day.

16. Yes Crossfit and P90X can help you get more fit, but you still need to RUN!

WOW I had more than I thought; I sure complain a lot huh? Maybe I should add that.

What’s bugging you, besides me?


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running, Yes I really do run

OK so I might have been a little a head of myself when I recently posted I was back running. The backyard project still needed a gate, etc, etc. I have been running regularly, but still not what I wanted, (need to) be running.

Besides life intruding I was having some issues with my legs. When I went back to consistent running they always hurt whether I ran short or far. Most of the running I was doing was on pavement. I chocked it up to too much pavement running and a lack of flexibly due to the backyard project. Well I was partially wrong. The Nike Motos I bought a few weeks ago were defective. Seems the forefoot cushion was not there, NICE!

Kristy at Fleet Feet Fair Oaks showed me the new version of the Pegasus, which was my standby shoe for years. Seems they tweaked it a bit so it’s not so stiff any longer. They felt good out of the box so I’m going to give them a try.

In nine weeks I’ll be running my goal race of the summer the Wildest Run in the West 100K. I will be adjusting my plans for the race due to the lay off in consistent training. Regardless I still plan to leave it all out on the course. As I’ve stated before in addition to wanting to run this race. Its use of the WS100 course will help me to excise some personal demons from last years DNF.

Speaking of WS100 it’s coming up soon. The snow is still high so the snow route could be used. It should make for an interesting race if they do. Due to the annual work weekend for my cabin and on-call status at work I can’t help out at the race as planned.

I think this is for the best, distancing myself from the race and the people training for it has ready stoked my desire for the 2011 race. Of course The Lottery is a challenge, but I believe in positive thinking even this far out. I turn 40 next year; the whole year will be about big adventures and living it up, WS100 is defiantly a big adventure.

Sierra Nevada Ultras Training Group

The week after WS100 Kirk and I will be heading up another training group, this time for Sierra Nevada Ultras. We will have training groups for all distances. If you’re interested here is the link: Fleet Feet Fair Oaks trail-training.