Thursday, September 2, 2010

UC Davis Study 1st Week test #1

So I did my 2nd trial today as part of the UC Davis study. As directed I showed up with an empty stomach ready to run. The past week of food cataloging was interesting. FYI, chicken sandwiches are NOT a good idea a fast food joints if you’re pressed for lunch. The next couple of hours were interesting to say the least.


First up was my weight, 181.2lbs, (NICE!). Last week it was 184lbs, the staff was suspect that I was changing my diet for the tests. I reminded them that I had eaten breakfast before last week. I also had to share that I was not so “regular” for a few days last week at that time. (T.M.I, but hey it’s all about the science)

Next up was a catheter in my wrist for the blood draws on the treadmill. Gretchen did great, I didn’t even feel it. Also set to go I took it slow and got up. The next feeling I had was WOOZY. So I lay down and played the please feel better game for 15 minutes. This was unexpected and sucked. Eventually I was up and running. The staff was great and said it happens a lot. Hopefully this won’t be an issue again.

Treadmill Test

So we get going with the test which was a bit more involved than the stated, run 80 mins, take food protocol every 20mins with a blood draw. I also had to wear the head and mouth gear for 10 minutes prior to the blood draw for breath testing. The head gear sucks, but I brought a hat which really helped to hold it up.

Per the max test I would be running at 7min mile pace, (OUCH). With the summer here I have to run when it’s really hot 5pm. As such 7min miles for 80mins haven’t been on the plate too much in the past months. So I’m thinking to myself, “This will be fun on an empty stomach”.

Change #2 was that I didn’t get a lot of food as part of the protocol. Today was Clif Shot Bloks. Shot Bloks are 100 calories for 3 Bloks. I figured I would get that much at least, nope I got two. Did I mention I started the test with a growling stomach? I will say the Bloks are pretty good, something to look at for a future race.

So the test went good, I would put the iPod on when I wasn’t wearing the head gear. No problems with the blood draws. Towards the end I was feeling a little drained, but I felt I good still go for quite a while. If I can build on my current fitness my C.I.M goals might work out.

The 5K run after the 80 minutes was at any pace, but they cover everything up. I went about the same pace at the 80 min test, but slowed it a bit towards the end.

Post Test

My weight was down 2lbs. Gretchen checked the blood work and said my electrolytes were great even with the water loss. She told me I must be a good sweater, but efficient when it come to electrolytes use. (HHmmmmm that sounds like a good skill set for a certain hot 100 miler I know).

I now have to do post test evaluations about soreness, etc at 2hr and 5hrs. I started fueling right away with an Endurox shake and a Clif Bar soon after. About an hour after the test I really bonked as I was getting ready for lunch. Taco Bell was my lunch choice, I back at work and in the field. I must say the tacos were perfect, all four of them.

Tomorrow will be a small blood draw followed by a 10K time trial at pace. After the test tomorrow the family is going to our cabin at Echo Lake. I foresee a lot of relaxing this weekend; the planned 20 miler might be adjusted.


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  1. Oh THAT kind of catheter! HAHAHA I pictured something entirely different . . . I guess I am used those being called IVs!

    HAAAA nicely done though and great weight loss! HA