Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ok I really like these photos from Jed Smith 50 and I wanted to try out post photos so here are a few. Doing taxes can wait.


Bad Week

So I had my first BAD day of training. I had a HORRIBLE week at work and home, nothing was going right and I felt stiff and my back was jacked up, (You know the type of week I’m talking about).

So I go for a 25miler on Saturday by myself to go my own way. WOW 4 miles in and I turn around. HR was elevated, legs were crap, and my back felt like my shoulders were in my neck.
I went home depressed; I looked into my training binder for help. I did what worked in the off season for my back, Vitamin I, massage, and stretching.

Flash forward to Sunday, I met my Sunday running partner Jim for our normal 12ish mile run at Lake Natomas. Jim’s had Achilles issues so we took it way slow. I felt OK, but things felt off still.
At the end of 13miles easy I was felling froggy and loose. As we got back to the cars I decided to go back out for a few more, even though it was pissing rain. So what happened, I felt great and rain at a great pace to finish the day with 26miles. Mission accomplished, the week was salvaged at 61 miles total.

I don’t know what was up, but I’m glad it went away. Next up, Hazel hill repeats Tuesday after work, my first red-line workout of the year.

Also, I have ton of photos to post, but I shot RAW. Even saving to JPG the files are huge and I’m still learning to compress for web, pictures should be coming soon.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Training thus far

Training review

So far my training has been going good. Upon review I have changed a few things:

#1 I’ve cut out the races I had planned this month. My first race of the year will be March 7th, a trail 10K. I think racing would have detracted from my fitness building plans.

#2 Quality runs, so far I’ve only done some marathon pace tempo runs, no LT runs or harder running. The results have been good and I’m feeling great. So I’ll start more quality next week, but only one workout a week for now. The workout of course will be hill repeats at Hazel Bluff (ugh).

In training I’ve been good about keeping all my runs where they need to be. I’ve been moving up my mileage which was the goal of this phase of training. I’m happy and healthy at 55-60mpw this early in the year and hope to be able to up it to more later.

I look forward to my next physiological test, (VO2/body fat) at UCD in 2 weeks to see how I’ve progressed since December 22nd when I officially started training for this year.


AB's new shoes

Nike Air Max Moto 6

I recently changed shoes to the Air Max Moto 6 after Nike did something to the new Pegasus that did not agree with me. I also learned something about myself and running shoes along the way.

I’m what would be considered a large runner, 6’-2’ (closer to 3”). I average 190lbs in the off season with a summer weight of 185, (I’m working on this number for 2009). I’m a neutral runner, efficient runner with an average arch. Before my switch to the Moto I ran in a variety of shoes, but mostly I ran in the Pegasus.

Since my switch to the Moto I have noticed a marked reduction in leg fatigue. I have noticed this with my overall weekly training and especially after pace runs. I have yet to put in any hard runs with the shoes; I’m still base phase running, I’ve only done some limited marathon pace running. I have a appox 200 miles on my first pair.

My opinion is the extra cushioning is better supporting my size, which is enabling me to run more comfortably. This is just my observation based on running in them; I have no science to back it up.

I have run the Moto’s on area trails without issue, (sections of the Western States 100 trail, and the Pioneer Express Trail). They hooked up just fine on dry and wet trail. I did slip a few times in really muddy stuff, dodging deep puddles etc.

So if you’re a taller/heavier runner and looking for a new general training shoe I would highly recommend the Moto.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Gear

Here is a list of the gear I use consitantly in training, some are new like the compression socks, but I like them:

#1 Garmin 305, I love this thing more than I thought. It makes logging/analyzing my training so easy.
#2 Sport Tracks, training software, this program is great, check it out, www.zonefivesoftware.com

#3 Nike Air Max Moto’s

#4 Cytomax and Cytomax Recovery, mmmm yummy

#5 2XU Compression socks, something new but I like them after long runs or hard efforts, I use these: http://www.2xu.com/compression/ua1352e.html

#6 Nathan products waist pack, I don’t even know it’s there. It holds a ton and the mesh is nice, there is now a larger version, here is the one I have: http://www.nathansports.com/our_products/paks_music_carriers/75k_elite.html

#7 Smartwool products, socks, beanies, you name it this stuff rocks!

A Shoe Tale

Running shoes, start talking about shoes in certain groups and it’s like discussing politics or religion at a family dinner, bad news.

I’ve run in a lot of shoes, road, trail, XC, spikes, you name it. Currently I’m a “trail” runner, but here is the rub, I run in road shoes. I have used and like trail shoes, but unless it nasty nasty trail I don’t see the need for another pair.

A little history of my feet, I’m pretty blessed I don’t get blisters and black toenails with any regularity except at the occasional 50-100 mile run. Since returning to running from about 8yrs off I’ve found out I’m a neutral runner, I never knew.

Back in the day I ran in the Asics Tiger Jayhawk, and various Nikes. Later when the first Nike Waffle Racer came out I had multiple day-glow pairs and ran everything in them. Back then we would do 10 milers or more in these shoes without socks, ah the old days.

So when I again took up running I went with Nike and Asics. I was faithfully running in the Asics Nimbus until they changed the midsole to something which felt like a slab of rock, I think they called it Solyte.

Eventually I settled onto the Pegasus. I had a brief affair with the Vomero, but it’s too soft, (I know your thinking too soft, but yeah they are). During this time I also ran in all sorts of “trail” shoes but they were either as heavy as my hiking boots, or didn’t last long.
That aside I recently had another chapter added to my shoe history, I changed shoes again, but only because Nike made me, jut like Asics did.

As usual the new Peg’s came out recently and needing new shoes I bought them without issue to begin rotating them in. I run two sets of shoes at a time so my shoes are always fresh. I first noticed how stiff they were; ok walk around in them for a few days to break them in, not unheard of. After a week wondering why my legs hurt I knew something was up.
I checked the Runnersworld.com forums shoes section. I found others posting similar complaints. Not wanting to risk my training or an injury I went searching for a new shoe.
I went with a shoe I had tried years back without complaint, (why did I ever change?), the Air Max Moto. Right out of the box 7 miles on the road, no issues. I followed it up with a 20miles on trails today, absolutely beautiful.

So for those interested in the shoe here’s my no-tech personal review. The shoe is beefy compared to a Peg, I don’t check weights but it does feel heavier than a Peg. It has the Max Air heel unit, versus the Zoom Air.

The shoe is flexible and hooked up just fine on the mellow single track near my home. If you have run the American River 50 mile, I ran Rattlesnake Bar to Auburn Overlook and back.
So if you’re looking for a great all around training shoe and you’re a neutral runner check them out.