Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guinea Pig

Beginning Friday August 27th, that will be my new title for the 3.5 weeks after. I just found out I was accepted to a research study conducted by UC Davis Sports medicine. The study is looking at the effects of different carbohydrate supplementation types on exercise performance in marathon runners.

I didn’t quite fit what they were looking for in an applicant, since I do more Ultra running. The study was looking for marathoners. But after emailing and giving them some information about myself I was accepted.

I have gone to UC Davis Sports Medicine in the past for my VO2/lactate testing. I got the tests done to better use my HRM. These tests helped me get ready for 2007 WS100. The three tests I took over the months leading up to the race showed how my training was going where I need to take it. The guys also gave me advice on how to tweak my training and eating.

So here is what the two-day a week protocol will look like as sent to me:

“You will be asked to come in the first week for a maximal exercise test. Two hours after consuming a predetermined breakfast snack, you will come into the lab where we will take skin folds to assess body composition and we will perform a resting electrocardiogram. After a 15 minute warm-up, you will be asked to complete a graded exercise test.

You will be participating in sub-maximal testing and 10K time trials either on Thursday/Friday mornings (~8:00AM – 11:00AM) for 3 weeks to test 3 different types of carbohydrate supplementation (raisins, water, and gels). On your first testing day of that week, you will be asked to run at 75% VO2 for 80 minutes and then run a 5K as fast as possible. During this time, VO2 and blood samples will be taken every 20 minutes. You will also be asked to consume a carbohydrate supplement at that time.

On the second study day, a 3 ml blood draw will precede a 10K time trial. Two drops of blood will be taken after the 10K as well. Each week you will be consuming a different carbohydrate supplement and each testing day you will be asked to do a 24 hour diet recall.”

In review I figure the all out 5K at the end of the 80 minute run at 75% V02 is going to sting a bit. The next part that will sting is the skin fold fat test.

Regardless I’m excited to be a part of this trial. My hope is that this will help me move my training forward to another level.

I’ll be posting my results as I go, but I might leave out the skin fold test results.

They are still looking for applicants if your interested look here:

Flyer with information:



  1. Tempting, very tempting. If I only had the time.

    Wasn't it you who said you hate needles? Um, that's a lot of blood draws there!

    I love this stuff, so please, definitely post all about it and the results (yes, including the skin fold!). :-)

  2. I got the OK to lie down for the 3ml draws. The ear pricks aren't a problem.