Monday, August 16, 2010

Cal Street running instead of racing

In place of running the canceled Wildest Run 100K race on Saturday I had plans for an all day mountain bike ride on the Flume Trail in Tahoe. I haven’t really broken in my new Specialized carbon hardtail so I figured this would do it. But like the race my plans were canceled when my partner in crime had to back out.

My other idea was do speed hike in Desolation Wilderness like I’ve been wanting to. Well I wasn’t looking to be solo boy all weekend so I scraped that for later.

Running Option #2, (I always seem to have one). Run my favorite part of the WS100 course, California Street or Cal St. as the cool people say. I was able to gather a great group of friends for the run. There was Melisa, (Pigeon), Pam (Trailmomma), and Paula (Mrs. P). All three were part of my AR50 training group earlier in the year.

Check Pam’s blog and Melisa’s blog for great photos and run reports. If you haven’t run Cal Street the photos between the two blogs will give you a good idea what it’s all about.

****Disclaimer***** The photos of me at the start in my Charlie Brown t-shirt and knit scarf are a LONG story. Just laugh at me like I did, (Thanks Pam).

Here is a list of things learned on the run:

• I’m afraid of spiders, Paula is not.

• Paula can move trees with one hand, I cannot.

• Melisa has a very large pain threshold.

• Pam is afraid of all birds.

• I’m a dork, (too much evidence to post, read the blogs).

• You can’t run with Pam, Melisa, or I without striking a JC Penny pose

Weekend racing

Friends Jenny and Kirk Edgerton rocked it at the Cinderella trail marathon in Oakland. Both won their age groups and took 4th and 5th place overall. Nice work you two.



  1. That was one of the best runs ever on Saturday. I seriously had an absolute blast.

    I seriously wish the spider web photos came out because that truly was one of the best moments out there!

  2. Yeah that bastard was freaking me out. great run as always.


  3. Awesome run on Saturday!!! Can not wait to do it again.

  4. Thanks for the good time on Saturday. I really enjoyed that section of the WS course & the dip in the river was so refreshing, especially after rolling my ankle-ouch. Let me know the next time you go out & I'll bring my webcatching stick!!
    Miss P