Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ok so last Saturday was the Western States 100 (Big Dance). As always this well put on race is the one to watch. This year’s epic saw the previous CR broken by the top two finishers. The master’s record was also broken. The hype leading up to the race and the race itself are something to behold for a sport that is considered fringe by most.

Here are some great links related to the race: WS100 interview roundup (Lots of pre/post race interviews)

Craig Thornley race report (A must read)

AJW race report (always good reading)

Recently I’ve been able to train regularly again. The backyard project, etc is done. Even with the heat I’ve really been enjoying my running, things have been clicking. Reading the pre-race hype online and watching the race itself has reborn my running and motivated me even more.

The stories about what occurred in the race, the DNF’s, the finishes; all the stories just motivate me to run. Like others have said, it’s about the journey, not the result.

Now more than ever I want another shot at the race. Here’s to hoping the Lottery gods shine on me in 2011. A year out and I’m already motivated to run.

Here's to reproducing this look in 2011


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  1. You can totally do it and man, I can hardly wait. I'll be the first to volunteer as part of your personal aid-station help! :-)