Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running, Yes I really do run

OK so I might have been a little a head of myself when I recently posted I was back running. The backyard project still needed a gate, etc, etc. I have been running regularly, but still not what I wanted, (need to) be running.

Besides life intruding I was having some issues with my legs. When I went back to consistent running they always hurt whether I ran short or far. Most of the running I was doing was on pavement. I chocked it up to too much pavement running and a lack of flexibly due to the backyard project. Well I was partially wrong. The Nike Motos I bought a few weeks ago were defective. Seems the forefoot cushion was not there, NICE!

Kristy at Fleet Feet Fair Oaks showed me the new version of the Pegasus, which was my standby shoe for years. Seems they tweaked it a bit so it’s not so stiff any longer. They felt good out of the box so I’m going to give them a try.

In nine weeks I’ll be running my goal race of the summer the Wildest Run in the West 100K. I will be adjusting my plans for the race due to the lay off in consistent training. Regardless I still plan to leave it all out on the course. As I’ve stated before in addition to wanting to run this race. Its use of the WS100 course will help me to excise some personal demons from last years DNF.

Speaking of WS100 it’s coming up soon. The snow is still high so the snow route could be used. It should make for an interesting race if they do. Due to the annual work weekend for my cabin and on-call status at work I can’t help out at the race as planned.

I think this is for the best, distancing myself from the race and the people training for it has ready stoked my desire for the 2011 race. Of course The Lottery is a challenge, but I believe in positive thinking even this far out. I turn 40 next year; the whole year will be about big adventures and living it up, WS100 is defiantly a big adventure.

Sierra Nevada Ultras Training Group

The week after WS100 Kirk and I will be heading up another training group, this time for Sierra Nevada Ultras. We will have training groups for all distances. If you’re interested here is the link: Fleet Feet Fair Oaks trail-training.


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  1. You're turning HOW OLD?! :-) I kid.

    Glad to hear that you've figured out the leg pain and scored new shoes too! Hopefully I will be able to run with you guys soon and I'll be out there for the new training group meet-ups despite me not doing the actual race.

    See you tonight at Beals I hope!