Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation and Running

So since my last post I've seen my running improve and I went on vacation.  I don't know why I feel better running, but I do.  I have found with some informal tests that I've improved my fitness.  This will help with TRT 50K on the horizon and my goal race in August, Wildest Run 100K.

Due to work and an oversight on my part my vacation plans were messed up.  The original plan was for the family to spend a week at our cabin.  My friend Jim was going on vacation and offered us a room when he heard my problem.  Jim and family were going to the Hyatt in Incline Village for a week.  The family and I had gone in 2008 it is the place to be to relax.

I was able to run a bit and experience the effects of altitude before TRT.  The next to last day I ran a 10 miler with part of the run the Tunnel Creek Trail which is an approximate 3mile climb.  Here are some photos for the run:

Along the way I met Vicki who is in the second picture.  She's a local stud, yoga instructor and all around nice person who runs TWO repeats of this climb as part of her standard running.  As we talked and ran, I was huffing and puffing and she was just fine.

I was pleased to find I wasn't as worthless as usual at altitude.  I'm hoping this holds true for next weekedn at TRT.

I finished the run at Sand Harbor where the Cheetah was the Goose whisperer:

While there the Cheetah completed her first cliff jump off large rock piles in the lake.  The final jump we did was a long drop to the water, I was scared the first jump but she was all smiles.

The fun we had also included a Jetski run the previous day where we ejected ourselves on one run.  The kid had smiles the whole time, I think she is evolving into daredevil.

I used to own a Jetski, after seeing how much fun we had I think I'll be looking for a new one for next season.


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  1. Welcome home and GREAT photos! I think you're both wall to wall smiles!