Thursday, June 17, 2010

Whats bugging me now??

Do you ever find that some things just bug you to no end? No matter how much you avoid commenting on it some things just get under your skin and you have to say something. Well I have a lot of things that bug me. I’m a pretty honest person so I need to vent from time to time. I haven’t vented since February. Some of the things that bug me are funny (to me) some are just annoying and rude. Some no one but me will understand. And some people will just flat out disagree with me and dislike me after reading it. Regardless here is my current list of things that bug me:

1. People in your workplace that talk to EVERYONE using speaker phone.

2. Disabled licenses plates on motorcycles. Wait your disabled, but you can hold up and balance a Harley Davidson. I’ve got ITBS can I get one too.

3. People who tell me when I retire I’ll have no knees left because I run too much. Yeah but I bet your Santa Claus belly kills you before I lose my knees.

4. Drunk people who tell you they can drive because they’re just “buzzed”.

5. People who look at me funny because I don’t have a Facebook page. I have this blog isn’t that self glorification enough?

6. The trail runner that looks like a cross between Scuba Steve and Inspector Gadget on the trail. You know the one, no matter the run the gaiters, back pack and compression socks go on.

7. Guys with 1990’s Pamela Anderson type arm band tattoos. Laser removal was made for you bro.

8. Runners who complain about not getting enough attention for their accomplishments. If you’re as awesome as you think you are people will know douche bag.

9. People who can’t laugh at themselves. This is me last week running Cal Street. I was going for that buck toothed hairy armpit crazy guy look that day. I had a good laugh out of this photo.

I only needed this to complete the look: Beards

10. Runners who belittle slower runners. You were there once and you might be there one day, be nice.

11. Smokers that throw cigarette butts out a car window. I thought this stopped years ago, but just the other day I saw it, GGGRRRRRRR.

12. The Vespa die hards that preach to you every run about it. If it works for you cool I’ve tried it, not convinced. I’ll save a bag full of green backs instead and just find time to run more and get the same results thanks.

13. People who text or fiddle with their cell phone as your talking to them RUDE!

14. Over use of the terms “blended family”, addictive personality”

15. People you complain they have no time to workout. Kill your TV, I guarantee you workout time the following day.

16. Yes Crossfit and P90X can help you get more fit, but you still need to RUN!

WOW I had more than I thought; I sure complain a lot huh? Maybe I should add that.

What’s bugging you, besides me?



  1. Woah Nelly! Feel better!? :-) Bucktooth Hairy Armpit crazy guy photo is classic. I think it needs to be on your sidebar! :-)

    Mmm, what bugs me these days . . .

    People who only ask you questions about running when they see you: "you still running?" "what are you running next?" "Hows the running going?" Um, I do have other things in my life besides running.

    People who tell me they like my blog but never comment. Okay, that's not entirely fair, I blog stalk a lot but once in a while I'll comment.

    Runners who SPIT on windy days and don't look behind them or to the side before they do so.

    People driving while talking with their phones in their hands. Regardless whether or not it is on speaker phone, YOU'RE STILL HOLDING IT AND DRIVING ONE HANDED!!

    Ditto the cigarette butt out the window and add just plain old smoking in general. Ick.

    People who pay by checks at the supermarket. At the very least, start making the check out while in line for goodness sake!

    Aaaah feel better already!

  2. Your #1 entry and last entry is SO true. The spit entry made think, what about the runner who farts on the single track without warning. I know a guy who has done that, that was for you Melisa.

    Don't you think a Pedophile Beard would help my look?


  3. -For sure on the farting in front of a runner!

    -When your running buddy wears the same colors as me! Didn't he get my memo????? Hehe

    -Taking the last cold drink out of the fridge and not restocking it.

    -When people know I work overnight, call me and the first question they ask is "Did I wake you up?" YES!!!! You woke me up. How about I call you at midnight and ask the same question??

    -Ditto on the grocery store check writing, how about when the clerk takes their sweet time and the line is all the way down to produce.

    AB I think the beard would be great for tomorrow, but don't forget the glasses, not that would complete the look.

    That was fun, I am sure I have more. I feel better now. Thanks