Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bad Week

So I had my first BAD day of training. I had a HORRIBLE week at work and home, nothing was going right and I felt stiff and my back was jacked up, (You know the type of week I’m talking about).

So I go for a 25miler on Saturday by myself to go my own way. WOW 4 miles in and I turn around. HR was elevated, legs were crap, and my back felt like my shoulders were in my neck.
I went home depressed; I looked into my training binder for help. I did what worked in the off season for my back, Vitamin I, massage, and stretching.

Flash forward to Sunday, I met my Sunday running partner Jim for our normal 12ish mile run at Lake Natomas. Jim’s had Achilles issues so we took it way slow. I felt OK, but things felt off still.
At the end of 13miles easy I was felling froggy and loose. As we got back to the cars I decided to go back out for a few more, even though it was pissing rain. So what happened, I felt great and rain at a great pace to finish the day with 26miles. Mission accomplished, the week was salvaged at 61 miles total.

I don’t know what was up, but I’m glad it went away. Next up, Hazel hill repeats Tuesday after work, my first red-line workout of the year.

Also, I have ton of photos to post, but I shot RAW. Even saving to JPG the files are huge and I’m still learning to compress for web, pictures should be coming soon.


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