Thursday, February 19, 2009

AB's new shoes

Nike Air Max Moto 6

I recently changed shoes to the Air Max Moto 6 after Nike did something to the new Pegasus that did not agree with me. I also learned something about myself and running shoes along the way.

I’m what would be considered a large runner, 6’-2’ (closer to 3”). I average 190lbs in the off season with a summer weight of 185, (I’m working on this number for 2009). I’m a neutral runner, efficient runner with an average arch. Before my switch to the Moto I ran in a variety of shoes, but mostly I ran in the Pegasus.

Since my switch to the Moto I have noticed a marked reduction in leg fatigue. I have noticed this with my overall weekly training and especially after pace runs. I have yet to put in any hard runs with the shoes; I’m still base phase running, I’ve only done some limited marathon pace running. I have a appox 200 miles on my first pair.

My opinion is the extra cushioning is better supporting my size, which is enabling me to run more comfortably. This is just my observation based on running in them; I have no science to back it up.

I have run the Moto’s on area trails without issue, (sections of the Western States 100 trail, and the Pioneer Express Trail). They hooked up just fine on dry and wet trail. I did slip a few times in really muddy stuff, dodging deep puddles etc.

So if you’re a taller/heavier runner and looking for a new general training shoe I would highly recommend the Moto.


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