Thursday, February 19, 2009

Training thus far

Training review

So far my training has been going good. Upon review I have changed a few things:

#1 I’ve cut out the races I had planned this month. My first race of the year will be March 7th, a trail 10K. I think racing would have detracted from my fitness building plans.

#2 Quality runs, so far I’ve only done some marathon pace tempo runs, no LT runs or harder running. The results have been good and I’m feeling great. So I’ll start more quality next week, but only one workout a week for now. The workout of course will be hill repeats at Hazel Bluff (ugh).

In training I’ve been good about keeping all my runs where they need to be. I’ve been moving up my mileage which was the goal of this phase of training. I’m happy and healthy at 55-60mpw this early in the year and hope to be able to up it to more later.

I look forward to my next physiological test, (VO2/body fat) at UCD in 2 weeks to see how I’ve progressed since December 22nd when I officially started training for this year.


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