Monday, September 6, 2010

Woozy Again and a Labor Day Cabin Weekend

So Friday was my second test at UC Davis Sports Medicine. I had all my food intake cataloged and I was again starving my ass off. As I had posted a few days ago. I got a bit woozy when the arm catheter was put into my arm for the blood draws.

I felt better this morning so I figured I was past it. Well I was wrong, as soon at I laid down to have my 3ml blood draw my stomach dropped. So after some discussion with the staff I dropped out of the study. I was really bummed, but it was just too much stress.

I also found that after the 80min test the day before I was REALLY depleted. This made getting back to work a bit of a challenge. I was dragging for a while and all I wanted to do was eat. Another few weeks of that and my boss was probably going to notice.

Cabin Trip

So after Izabella got out of school at noon we drove up to our cabin at Echo Lakes for the Labor Day Weekend. My mom, sister, her husband and my two nephews came along also.

As always it was a relaxing weekend, when at the cabin the Brantley’s know how to chill. It was a little more “energetic” around the cabin than most visits. My mom and family are a bit more tied to the urban life than us. Regardless we had a nice visit together.

I ran to the “Y” (10 miles) on Saturday to meet Lily who hit up the Pearl Izumi Outlet for a great deal on this jacket: Pearl Izumi P.R.O.  It was a great run, cool temp’s and I didn’t feel the altitude.

Lily and I then got out early Sunday for a big run. It was odd to be cold at the start, temps were about 50deg, with lots of cooling wind. Lily set her sights on Lake Aloha or 3hrs, whichever came first. I was going to do 3-4hrs, but later I wanted to hang with Lily so I looped back after hitting Lake Aloha. It was a good choice Lily rocked the run and we had some great Husband/Wife time together on the trail, (no sex just running).  The trail we ran had it all, rocky single track, climbs, sand, and altitude. Lily was smiles the whole time. She even stuck a “1up” Pose at the top of the climb to Haypress Meadows:

I later ran on a head and later met her at the Echo Chalet for a leg soak. We concluded later that the cooler temps and the Paleo Diet she been following has helped her fitness and health. Lily loved the run, she’s got the trail bug for sure now. We talked a lot about Way to Cool 50K.

The trail:

Lily rocking the switch backs

A low Lake Aloha

Weight loss has affected how my clothes fit, (OK that's a lie, I'm just being a dork, but only because the shorts are too big and when I do this it embarrasses Lily):

All smiles:
My Moment of Zen



  1. Awesome!!!! I love that you and Lily ran together. That is just so cool. It is my dream to take Charlie on a "real" trail run (aka not the trail between Howe and Watt Ave ha). Sadly, not until the Peanut is older most likely.

    Love it!!! Lily looks like a natural and glad to hear the diet seems to be working for her!

  2. Oh and also very impressed you know all the names of all the trails and lakes up there! HA We just call it "oh pretty lake!" ha

    In two more weeks we'll be up there for our annual week in Squaw. Charlie is planning a mountain biking ride and I would like to run some trails . . . maybe what Kirk, Jenny and I hiked to see you during TRT. We'll see though.

  3. Good post and thanks forsharing us this great adventure. I love the pictures too.