Saturday, January 23, 2010

Training Group long run

We took the training group up to the Overlook today for a run backwards on the AR50 course. I'm glad we changed from our original plans due to rain. The trail was very wet and muddy, but I know it was better than the WTC course run we had planned. Also everyone got to meet the "Dam Hill" thats the end of AR50. I can't wait hear what everyone thought.

Pictures from today are here: Flickr Pics

I'm going to try using Flickr for large postings. Also in case others in the group want the photos for themselves. I have to get used to the little camera I used, more shots were junk than were good. Pam's puddle jump was the best shot of the day.

I was able to get in just shy of 22 miles. I felt good, but I was a little lite on food. I ran in my new Saucony trail shoes, they ROCK! I will do a review later after I run in them more.



  1. Great run today! I'm feeling it now, though!

    Anthony, you need to work on your camera skills. I totally jumped unnecessarily into that puddle to help you get a great shot, and all I got was a blurry pic and mud up my shorts.

  2. Great run!!! Puddle jumping was fun . . . glad it was on the way back though. :-)
    Thanks for the pep talks up Dam Hill too. I needed it. Legs feel surprisingly well today. Not so much that I am going to try any jumping lunges! :-)

  3. Garmin,

    Mud up shorts is a good thing And jumping into mud puddles is never unnecessary. The hard part is waiting till later in the run to do it.