Thursday, April 30, 2009

Looking back to 2007 WS100

I've been on call this week and have already had two call-outs. So far this weeks mileage is like last weeks, BAD! Looks like the next three days will be huge.

I was drifting a bit at my desk so I looked in the old My Documents files to see what I had forgotten in there.

The first photo shows you how you should looks at Michigan Bluff, HAPPY! The remaining photos represent what you look like at the finish of States when you don't eat enough or run very smart from then on.



  1. Interesting post,

    What went wrong after MB Anthony? was it just a lack of fuel (the wrong fuel?) or a mis-judgement in strategy? You mentioned you did not run really smart from then on, was it over-running to Foresthill and Cal Loop or did the lack of running smart start earlier in the day?

    Cheers, Paul

  2. Hey Paul,
    Food and water were the problem after MB and FH. I was at a low at MB, but felt better by FH. A hard run to the river with too little food put over and then the quads started to go.

    I walked the last 15+ miles of the race because of my error.

    You won't see that this year. All I do is practice the food/water thing on long runs.

    BTW a 100 mile week, nice just be careful no injuries.