Saturday, May 9, 2009

WS Canyon Training Run

I was invited to run yesterday with some very cool people in the Canyons on the States course. It was an interesting day, (read I did some weird stuff). More on that and the run later. Here are some pic's.



  1. Hey Anthony,
    Itwas great running with you out there. Bonks are fun eh? I thought you were low on water not calories. I had loads of extra GU's (cause someone always needs more), and I would have been happy to share. Don't be too hard on the Cascadias. The canyons are the ultimate test for a shoe. I do wish they had a tad more in the forefoot though. See you on the trails. Oh, BTW that other runner is Wayne Miles.


  2. Thanks Derek, I know you would have shared but I was too far gone before I realized. Besides it made the Pepsi at MB all the sweeter.

    Wayne Miles, I will not forget it again, he's too nice a guy.

    Thanks for the post