Thursday, April 2, 2009


After Way to Cool 50K I learned some valuable lessons about my running. This is funny because you would think after 5 years of running ultras I’d know this by now. I chock it up to the fact that I finally got serious this year about all aspects of my training.

It goes something like this: I need to EAT AND DRINK MORE IN A RACE.

The week after Way to Cool I went right back into my training cycle, (it’s all about June baby). I went a little slower and no quality on Tuesday, but I was putting in the miles. I felt good; the recovery routine I’ve developed seemed to be doing the trick.

The Saturday after Way to Cool I did the annual American River 50 mile training run. The run is on the last 31 miles of the AR50 course. I always like doing this run because it’s a nice way to do a point to point long run with aid along the way.

My plan was to run slow with a friend of mine and then kick it up for the last 20 or so. I ran 10 miles with my friend and just past Beals I kicked it up a notch. The main goal was to run fast but concentrate on my eating and drinking.

Well I ate more than at Way to Cool and I felt better than ever. Even so I had a little bit of cramping, but I ran the entire last 2+mile hill which is unusual for me after 20+ miles.

So for AR50 I have consulted the training log and various texts and made out a food and drink plan. I used a friends Tahoe Rim Trail 100 Excel spreadsheet as a template. I’m unsure if I will bring the sheet with me to the race. I have been committing the plan to memory.

In a nutshell I need to be taking in appox 200-300cals an hour. Electrolyte intake and water is harder to peg but I will be drinking approx a bottle an hour of water in addition to my drink mixes. Salt tab use will be more closely monitored and correctly used. This will work better than my normal routine of “hey I’ll take on now, that’s good”.

Also I've been testing out an Amino Vital drink, Link:
So far I like what it does, more on that after AR50.

Now for the fun stuff, what am I going to run at AR50. I’ll be honest from my training I think I’m capable of running a 7:30. I think if I use my head better a 7:40ish will happen. So my plan is the following:

#1 Race smart have fun and continue the training process
#2 Don’t injure myself
#3 Better my previous best times, (anything under 8hrs and I’m happy)
#4 Run 7:30, (faster would also be ok)

I worked out a 7:30 to break down like this roughly:

Nimbus: 2:35ish
Beals Point 3:45ish
Rattlesnake 5:45

I’ll be honest I’m a little nervous about trying to race this thing for a 7:30. I don’t have a great track record for racing smart. Regardless I’m itching to do some running and hurting and to test myself like at Way to Cool.

After this April is all about the WS trail and Canyons WOO HOO!!!


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