Monday, November 29, 2010

Up next the CIM, but “THE LOTTERY” is first and Waffles

It’s been an interesting life since Clarksburg. I got a nasty stomach flu that has derailed my running. My daughter had it first, then me and now Lily has it. Like me Lily is running CIM this Saturday. I’ve kicked my sickness, but life and running just can’t get in the groove.

Saturday I found my cat had the boots put to him by someone. That and typical holiday family stress have made life BLAH, for lack of a better term.

I’m more than rested and tapered and last Saturday’s 12 miler felt good. So we will see what I’ve got in me Sunday. The final plan is to go with the 3:10 group. The body will dictate any further changes come race day.

Lottery Time

Saturday’s Lottery for Westerns States will have the biggest effect on my race. If I get in I’ll be that guy smiling with the care free attitude regardless of the 25deg temps. If I don’t get in I’ll probably be a bit more focused, but still having a good time.

The past few CIM’s I’ve run have been to pace Lily or someone else.  Last year I picked up the fashionable item around my neck from the side of the road.  The scarf will be in full effect Sunday have no doubt.

I had the pleasure of recently trying out the new Honey Stinger Waffle

Holy Mother of Calories (160) these little suckers are awesome.  They are based on a Dutch stroopwafel. 

I want a homemade one like this, YUM I suggest you go over to Fleet Feet Fair Oaks and try one out.


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