Monday, November 1, 2010

The new black, cool Blogs, and of course, cool gear

Black is the ubiquitous color in sports and general fashion.  Black running shorts are a mainstay for me and many other runners.  Cyclists are worse than runners when it comes to wearing black shorts, only the elite hammerheads wear the colored spandex like theses guys:

I personally think colored spandex cycling shorts are for another reason, but the photo illustrates that…..

Regardless, like the popularity of the color black, compression sock are all the rage now.  But unless your Paula Radcliffe and have yours color matched to your skin tone, the choice is of course, you guessed it, BLACK.  Now some guys and gals are running in white compression socks.  I’m here to show you that the new black are these babies:

As the sexy (and VERY hairy) model demonstrates neon green is the new black.  And the brand to buy is CEP.  Now pink is availble also, but neon green is what the cool kids wear.


I recently saw the review of this pack: Salomon Advanced Skin Lab Pack at The price tag is steep, but it looks to be a very functional and comfortable pack for those epic runs. I’m planning to ply my masculine persuasion on the wife in the near future to obtain one for 2011 adventures.

I recently switched GPS watches after tiring the big red Garmin 305. I love my GPS, but sometimes it just felt too big to wear. It has some draw backs, but the Garmin 110 looks and feels like a watch, but is a GPS. If you’re looking to try a smaller GPS check out the 110 or the just released 210 and 410 that have more functions than the basic 110.


Here are a few blogs and website I’ve picked up on recently I think you should check out:

Jacob Rydman, All round nice guy and someone to watch in 2011.

Rhonda Sundermeier, Great race reports

Sacramentorunning, All things running in and around Sacramento.

Jaymee, Sacramento stud who just qualified for the Trials. She sounds very dedicated to her training, a great read.


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  1. with those flashy compression socks, you'll be the man to watch in 2011 - in fitness AND style. keep up the good training.