Monday, May 10, 2010

I’m know I‘m old, but how do you know?

I received and email today where my friend Pam stated she was old. This was a comment made after Pam went out to 2nd Saturday in Downtown Sacramento this past weekend.

Since my Monday workload just wasn’t holding my attention like it should this got me thinking, i.e. wasting time. I wondered just how do you know your “Old”. I know I’m old, (I just do OK), but how do you know.

Before I reveal my thoughts on this globally important issue I must state that yes Pam you are old but so am I, (that was for you Vans, BoM Unite!!).

Here is my list of how to know your old:

You’re married.

You have no reason to go into trendy clubs/bars, (see #1 for the reason why).

You like Bon Jovi.

You’re waiting for neon colors to come back in style.

You remember when chest hair was sexy, (I’m waiting).

You find yourself saying, “Remember when” a lot.

You remember Tab soda.

You pass up sex for sleep.

Staying up late is 10pm.

You remember eating fast food everyday and not gaining weight.

You like 80’s music.

You think grey hair is “distinguishing”.

You can no longer run with your shirt off.

You remember being able to do anything on 4hrs of sleep.

Current fashion trends make no sense to you.

You remember when kids played and I don’t mean video games.

You walked or rode a bike to school.

You played Atari.

One of your all time favorite movies is one of the following: Foot Loose, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Breakfast Club and Weird Science.

This is in no way a complete list; please feel free to comment with additions or disagreements you may have with the list.



  1. Nice A.B. I guess that makes me old, I Rode my bike to school and love Foot Loose...Ohh yeah my IPod has 80's music on it....

  2. I really hate not being able to run with my shirt off too. :)

    Boy, I can add a lot . . .

  3. If Pam's old . . . wait, I am too old to remember what I wanted to say.

    Excuse me as I go and peg my jeans now.

  4. Feeling old....Don't get me started. I loved watching Flipper, Leave it to Beaver, and Lassie. I'm so old I could have rode my HORSE to school!! Hell, I feel 16 inside though!!

  5. OH MAN I forgot about pegged jeans, I'm going to try that this weekend.

    Kelly, Your never going to be old, you got too much energy for both of us.