Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well the groin issue I've had for a bit make it self known at the race so I dropped.   Any other year I would have been super pissed off.  But I'm not, my injury enabled me to crew my training group, which was more fun and rewarding than another AR50.

Everyone in the group finished with smiles on their faces.  A great day was had by all.  Looking at my photos I would say my new name is "Unabomber", see below:

But I give full service crewing to my runners:

More to follow later.



  1. AB- Thank you so much for your "full service crewing"....Seeing you and Lily out there helped me push forward.


  2. Thank you so very much for being out there. It made all the difference in the world to me! You helped me complete a goal I never thought was possible! See you soon! TM

  3. Hey, I ran with you somewhere btwn the first 10K-15K and we were comparing "war" stories with my tibial stress fracture last year and your groin pain.

    You're a strong runner and with proper recovery you will do well at TRT!

    All the best!

  4. Adrian -

    Thanks, how did your day go?

    TM -

    Thanks I had a lot of fun being out there.


  5. I think your "full service crewing" kept us all in the game!

  6. Sorry you couldn't run AR50, but I'm glad you got to crew your peeps.

    Jesse pointed you out to me on the trail. We should definitely go out on a run. Let's bug Jesse about it.

    Hope you heal soon.

    Scott Sandow