Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's THAT time again......

AR50 is on the horizon so it's time to do a taper.  Things seem to be clicking, the body has come around since Way to Cool 50K.  I’m beginning to feel fit, in past few weeks I’ve done some runs that really helped my confidence level for AR50.

The goals for AR50 are simple, #1 break last year’s time, (7:42) #2 go under 7:30. 7:30 is a 9min per mile average, going faster than that will take a perfect day. I’ve been planning and training to accomplish this, we’ll see how it goes. Like last year I’ll be paying close attention to my food and fluid intake. I think that had the biggest impact on last year’s race for me.

My training group is in taper mode also. We have a few people suffering with the ITBS Demon, but most are good to go. It will be odd not to have the weekly group runs after AR50. They have been fun and helpful to my training. If all goes well I plan to recover after finishing and get back down the trail to support the group. I think a few of them are going to surprise themselves at AR50.

Pre-Race Rituals

As I posted before I have a few rituals I follow for races. This AR50 the rituals will be in full effect. Purple has been chosen as the color for the toes. The Cheetah and I will be painting toes this coming weekend in prep for the final race day coat.

Recent training group discussions regarding my over abundance of chest hair will require some “manscaping” in the coming week. I have decided to go for the smooth body look this go around so my un-tanned legs will be blinding in all their hairless glory.



  1. Do you have pacer? Do you want one? My buddy is looking for someone to pace.

  2. Mmmm, I will have to see if I have any purple in my stash of colors this weekend.

    An un-tanned hairless coach + the cheddar colored shirts = one very visiable coach nikon at AR! :-)

    I won't know what to do come April 17th. :-(

  3. JESSE!!!

    Sorry bro I got one, thanks for looking out though. You gunna be at any ultra this year?


  4. Crush it! On the right day, you can crack 7:30. It's all about keeping up with the fluids.

  5. Jesse, Miwok, NICE, hopefully the weather will be better than last year.

    Scott, thanks, your right about the H20, hopefully it will be coller than last year. NICE Oakland Marathon BTW and you took photos while running, crazy.