Monday, October 19, 2009

Lily's Nike Marathon and Ultra Training

Nike Women’s Marathon

CONGRATS!!! To my wife Lily on her 2nd marathon finish. Lily overcame a lot of interruptions to her training to finish the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco yesterday in 5:39. The Tiffany necklace they give out to finishers is very nice. I'd take it over a belt buckle any day of the week.

Ultra Training Group

“How do I train for an ultra” This is something I hear a lot from people. Even if the person has a running background the unique factors to ultras seem to scare a lot of people off from trying an ultra. I remember when I first started it was (and still is) confusing on how to train for an ultra. There is so much more to ultras than your average road race. Longer time on feet, more food, hills, etc.

There are many groups centered on the 1st timer/beginner marathoner. There is SacFit, Team in Training, Fleet Feet GO, and others. I figured since trail and ultra running popularity was on the rise we needed something similar for ultras.

I’m pleased to announce I have brought the idea to fruition. I’ve partnered with my long time friends at Fleet Feet Fair Oaks/Roseville to develop an ultra training group focused on the beginner/1st timer.

My 1st ultra was the American River 50 mile, (AR50). AR50 is a great first timer ultra in my opinion so I figured it should be the goal race of the program.

I don’t have the smarts or the background to train others. Kirk at Fleet Feet got on the problem and got Julie Fingar to develop the training program. Julie a champion ultra racer and personal trainer is also the Race Director for AR50.

My job will be to direct the program and support the runners on their journey. I love trail running, helping others with their 1st ultra is something I look forward to.

If you or anyone you know would be interested: Fleet Feet Fair Oaks Trail Training

PS: I've been running more, but still not as commited as I should be. House projects still haunt me, C.I.M should be interesting, or at least very painful.


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