Thursday, June 23, 2011

Western States 100 mile Endurance Run

Big Dance, Track Meet, or just “States”, whatever you call it the race that gave birth to a sport is this Saturday. Like many others I can’t wait for the weekend to get here.

I am not competing this year, but doing something that is equally rewarding, pacing.  Kuni Yamagata, (Bib#399) known as The Beast asked me to pace him from Foresthill to the Finish.

(Thank you Kuni for asking me to pace you, you won’t regret it).

Kuni is a tough as nails runner and all around nice guy. My plan is to keep Kuni on track and get him to the Placer High as fast a possible.

I have enjoyed crewing/pacing people at events in the past. In a sense you’re competing in the event, but all of your energy is for someone else’s race. If you can give yourself over to the perspective change it is a very rewarding experience

As always the race is a top notch event. There is a webcast, mobile webcast, Twitter. Not to mention fully stocked and unique aid stations backed up with an army of volunteers.

Some useful links:

Mobile Webcast:

Event Webcast:

Kuni’s page:

Since this is a race, a new toe color is in order. Sparkling Silver appears to be the color choice. But I have to check with Izabella, since she usually chooses the color for me.

See you on the other side.



  1. enjoy your pacing duties.. I am going to watch my first WS100 finish at placer high sunday.. good luck!

  2. Have fun AB!!! Goodluck Kuni!!!!!!

    Like you I am SOOOO excited for the race. Thanks for posting the links.

    I think Trailbaby and I will not be making it out there. Captain K said they close the road to Robie when the first runner comes through making it hard for me to get there.

    Plus with the cooler temps at night right now having a 2 week old out there might be the best plan. :( I will be up all night following you guys online though!!