Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CIM Report and 2011 Plans

I can tell it “Tis the season”, I’ve had no time to write since CIM. Regardless the world has been interesting since CIM.


The race did not go off as planned, but I kind of expected it. Being sick after Clarksburg 20 mile threw me off my game a lot. Regardless I went into the race with the plan I had for some time, go with the 3:10 group and see what happens. By the half I was a little off on time, but feeling smooth enough that I thought I could hold on. I figured I would fade into the 3:15 area.

It was a warm day and I was drinking and eating a lot. My hammies were twitchy by 22 miles and I was slowing. I had to stop and shake them a few times, but I finished feeling good, but crampy. I decided against an all out finish push to save time. My Ultra Training group was starting up the following week. I wanted a quick recovery since my goal was not to be met (3:10 or under).

I learned and re-learned things I had forgotten about run training for CIM. Mainly you can’t go easy (aerobic) all the time. Sometimes you got to go hard and varying your pace is key to improvement. I had gotten into a rut training for Ultra’s.

I look forward to expanding my training in 2011. On the plus side my weight for CIM dropped without trying. I was hovering around 175lbs (I’m about 6’3”) since Clarksburg.

Ultra Training Group

We ended up going well over our 30 person limit. With some more coaches helping us out I think we will still give a great level of attention to all the runners. I look forward to the coming weeks as we get to know the new runners. I should have some pics weekly now as we delve into the trails.

2011 Plans

The Western States 100 Lottery was the day before CIM. I was not selected this year, very sad. The Lottery was a lot of fun catching up with people I had not seen in a while. I know I’ll be back to the race again, so no worries. Kirk got in so I plan to help him train, it will be his first 100 miler.

With the holiday season still kicking me in the head, training has been minimal. It is for the best since 2011 is going to be epic. I turn 40 in April so I want this whole year to be full of fun.

Since States is out I needed to find another 100 miler to run. Tahoe Rim Trail 100 came to mind and is still in orbit around my brain. Other contender’s are The Canadian Death Race, The Trans-Rockies (or the 3-day version) and Rio Del Lago 100. RDL would be fun mostly because it’s local and low key. TRT100 is at the top because it scares the shit out of me; it’s beautiful and is close.

I have also looked at not doing a 100 miler in favor of more races, namely 100K’s. PCTR has a new September 100K in Tahoe that could be fun. Where’s Waldo 100K has been on my radar for years, I hear it’s tough. And finally there is the Bishop 100K. I have wanted to go back and race Bishop for some time. The last time I was there they did not have a 100K.

That would also be the beauty of RDL or another late season 100 (Javalina??). I don’t have to decide now and if the 100K’s go well I can probably still decide to do one later and get it. Locking big races in 6+ months in advance can kind of suck after a while. So the preliminary 2011:

Way to Cool 50K
Lake Sonoma 50 mile
Bishop 100K
TRT100 ???
Where’s Waldo 100K
Lake Tahoe 100K or RDL100??

Some people have told me to just do it all. A very good idea, but I have some big family vacations in 2011, (Disney Cruise for a week in the Bahamas).  I also want to get some fast packing done.  Mt Whitney and a few 14’ers are also calling me and the wife’s name.  Oh and I'll be doing the R2R2R in April, going all the way this time.

Decisions decisions, 2011 will be a great one.  Time to get my butt in motion.



  1. Sounds awesome. Better document ALL of it with photo and blog updates so that I can live vicariously through you.

    Have fun at the group tonight. It was fun seeing everyone. Made me a bit sad I'll be missing it for the next year or two. :(

  2. TM -

    You still have time to come out when you can. But yes I'll have the camera this Saturday. It's going to pour so it will be fun to see how they do.


  3. I would highly recommend the TRT 100. Although it's hilly and at altitude, the trails are very runnable. Plus the two loop format makes it a bit easier to handle.

    If you do put TRT100 on the schedule, I would say WTC50k, R2R2R, Lake Sonoma, TRT100, and then see how you feel. That's a rockin' schedule that will have you peaked for TRT.


  4. Scott,

    Thanks for the post you read my mind on the planned build up, but I missed Sonoma they already filled. I'm gunna sub in Bishop 100K in May.

    I have already looked at your race report from TRT100, very helpful.

    Congrats on the 3:04 marathon.