Monday, February 8, 2010

Shoe review, etc, etc

So it’s the end of another miserable Monday. I actually worked today, but I’m sick so I’m done for the day.

So here is a show review, I’ve covered some of my favorite shoes in the past. My current trail shoe is the Saucony Trail Guide. Here is a link to the new version, Trail Guide TR 2


The Guide locks my foot in tight like I like, but with a roomy toe box. The heel cup is especially nice. Its shape locks in my heel. I find the sizing to be a bit on the large side. I could do an 11, but on longer runs and technical trails my feet would suffer.

I used the Guides right out of the box, no break-in. A lot of shoes I run in like my Nike Moto’s take a bit of break-in running for my feet to be happy in them.

I have done short road/trail runs in the Guides as well as long (20+) mile trail runs. In all cases the Guide has held up well. My feet are very happy with them.

The shoes are cushy and supportive for my fat butt, but firm at the same time. I would run anything up to 50K-50 mile in them. I think 50K if the trail was really rocky.

So far I have a bit over 100 miles in them. There are no signs of wear in the shoe overall, a very solid shoe.

**The reviews expressed are of the authors, this is his blog. The review is based solely on his subjective observations, blah, blah, blah. If you don’t like it or agree, click away. And no I don't get any money for this from Saucony, I wish!!!**

Now the etc, etc:

I have a new running mantra that works really well when you’re tired. It’s from the song I previously posted about: “On to the next one”

While out running this weekend I was tired and a little bonked, but I had to go back out and run. Just like in a race I picked points to run to, to get me through. I used the mantra like this: The background chorus with the drum beat moves you forward with its repetitiveness. Then as you need it use the chorus words, “on to the next one” to get you to the next marker and so on. I think in a race when I’m REALLY hurting this will come in handy. Regardless you got to click the link and chech out the song.



  1. I'm on my third pair of the Guide Trail, they're a very solid shoe w/ an ample toe box. With most trail shoes, the cushioning is very firm, so i tend to get new ones much sooner than i would a road shoe. Pair #4 is on stand by for WTC.

  2. I downloaded "On to the Next One" and now my iTunes Genius Bar is all confused... since I also downloaded a Nora Jones CD for my wife at Christmas. "Customers that purchased Jay-z and Nora Jones also bought... er... ummm... actually, no one has done that."

  3. Garmin,

    The last couple of itunes updates/changes I have not liked. itunes was much better last year before they updated it.

    Don't think I'm buying the whole, "I bought Nora Jones for my wife bit" either.


  4. Grrreeatt before my computer died I was buying "Elmo and friends" and "Sesame Street" songs . . . wonder what my itunes will say when I eventually get back to a computer that works!