Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Running, Nnnnoooo building.

Well I’m officially a slacker blogger. The main reason I’m not running much. My home addition has been consuming a lot of my time. Beside the normal stuff we hit a big snag a few weeks back. We had to dig up my front yard to install new main power lines. It seems SMUD skirted the code about using conduit for power lines in the 70’s when my house was built.
Otherwise the addition is going great. Here is the ditch I helped dig and fill.

I was on vacation last week at my new cabin I’m part owner of now. The cabin is at Echo Lakes off Hwy 50. It’s a great spot, quick to get to, high altitude, and great trails. The PCT is 200yrds from my door. Here's my daughter and me as she leaves me hanging.

On the training front I’ve been incorporating some pylometric type exercises into my training. I’ve also been doing the AB/pull-up/push-up type stuff. I like the exercises I have put together. I can do it all at home with much equipment. This and all the construction work has been kicking my butt.

I also have a new hobby that I feel I can share with others now, cake decorating with fondant. Basically these are the bad ass looking wedding type cakes that are super smooth. Here’s my latest creation. The bows on top sagged a bit, I ran out of time for them to set up before the party started. Check the picture out.

I’ll be ramping things up running wise by next month as I prep for CIM.


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