Monday, July 27, 2009

It's been a month......

Well it's been a month since the DNF so I thought I better blog something. Surprisingly I've been more busy day to day than before the race. I've been running as I feel (not much) and cross training a lot, which has been fun.

Besides my job the construction of an room addtion at home has me busy and stressed. We've made changes to the original plan and of course gone over budget. Here is what things look like so far. I'll post the newest photos later.

On the running side I'll be changing focus to the road for the remainder of the year. I want to run the Cal International Marathon for time.

For the distant future there is one race that for months now has come in and out of my brain. The Canadian Death Race, (I LOVE that name.) The race is this weekend so I will be looking for reports to get a better feel for the race for 2010. They let you run the race as a relay, anyone interested????



  1. Hey bro,

    I'm still trying to get back out there myself. I'm also thinking about running CIM for time. What are you thinking?

    What is this relay race? How far? Where is it at?

  2. The death race is 77 miles over super gnarly terrain. click the link and check youtube for some videos of the course.

    I think I can run 3:15 at CIM. Right now I'm just running as I feel. I'll do a time trial in 2wks to get an idea of what I can train to do.