Sunday, March 8, 2009

Body Testing

So I had my second of thee planned HR/Lactate tests on Friday from the good people at UC Davis Sports Medicine, UCD.

This time around I only did the lactate test, no VO2. I was very pleased with the improvement the test showed in my fitness. For only doing base aerobic running they liked the improvement I showed form December. I was not so happy with the body fat measurement, (I don’t want to talk about it). My weight was OK, but it’s been fluctuating, (184-188lbs). I‘m always hungry so I‘ve made some bad choices the past few weeks, that is changing.

Based on the test my HR values are as follows:

Recovery: 148
Long endurance: 140-159
Medium endurance 166-178
Threshold: 183-189
Lactic: above 189

I bleed like crazy when they prick my ear for the test, it’s weird.

My last test will be the first or second week of June, after the memorial training camp.

I am anxious to start the next cycle of training after this past week off as a recovery week. I’ve been doing 60mpw with no issues. Base phase is over; I will now start injecting regular quality workouts into my training. I can almost feel the Stagecoach trail repeats now.
My first big workout of the next training cycle will be the Way to Cool 50K. I plan to race smart, but I definitely want to improve over the past two times I have run this race.

Training Goals for the next cycle:

Continue to be injury free
Continue to improve body strength and flexibility
Bump up the long run distance
Continue to build weekly mileage

I had my first big change to training come up last week. I can’t do Miwok 100K now. Long story short I finally get to join a cabin co-op I’ve wanted to join for 10yrs. The cabin is at Echo Lakes off of Hwy 50. It will be a great base for adventures into the Sierra’s.

I’m looking at Silver State 50mile or Bishop High Sierra as a replacement. I have unfinished business at Bishop 50, and I love the area. Silver State is closer and I’ve never done it, I hear it‘s a killer. I plan to decide soon so I make sure to get my entry.

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